I just found out I am finally off of the wait list for Sephora’s new Play Subscription Box. I signed up for this box way back in December and it wasn’t available yet in California. I couldn’t not be more excited to pay $10 a month for a new monthly box and Sephora also has monthly events to coincide with their boxes where they give free tutorials on how to use the products you just received and meet other subscription members.


I already cancelled my Ipsy Bag because I felt like I was constantly getting items I would never use. They have us fill out a long questionnaire but then the items they send just don’t math up. I cant tell you how many perfumes and nail polishes I’v received and I’ll never use either. I shop at Sephora all the time so I have my fingers crossed that this will be a great box. Stay tunes for some video reviews to come!


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