Welcome to this weeks Weekly Wrap Up and Happy July 4th everyone! This was a great week so far and I got to test out my new camera and try out some new lenses. I got some really interesting pics to show this week. It was also my One Year Anniversary with my boyfriend on Sunday! I thought it would be really fun to go back where we had a first date, Dave & Busters! Yes that’s right, I love my video games and I judge the men I date by how coordinated they are. I’m competitive and I like to win so I need my man to be competitive. My boyfriend is a very formidable opponent, however when it comes to Mario Cart he doesn’t stand a chance. We now go to Dave & Busters all the time and try to beat the scores on all the games. We’ve gotten quite good. Then we binge on all the candy we got using our points. #relationshipgoals

Today I surprised him with tickets to see the L.A. Galaxy Soccer Team with a Fireworks Show. I’ve never watched a soccer game but he played for 15yrs so I think I did good with the anniversary gift! I find really great deals for events and fun activities using Gold Star, if you haven’t signed up for this site you can click here and thank me later! aff_i?offer_id=1&aff_id=4605&file_id=125 gs-logo-136x136.jpg Enjoy this Weekly Wrap Up


I took him to a Yelp Elite event this week at the Santa Ana Zoo. He looks thrilled lol I’ll have another post about the Yelp Elite event soon!



We found this amazing dragon fly hanging out on the side of our house, I grabbed my macro lens and ran outside to snap a few pictures. How amazing is this? I love the detail in his wings and his cute little eyes.



I took my favorite picture of my little Boogie Bear this week! I just love this guy so much, he’s my little Gentleman! He was just a poor little street mutt and I’m so happy I rescued him. He’s the love of my life xoxo



But we can’t forget my little girl Bellini. She is so sweet and lovable. She wants nothing more than to get kisses and cuddles all day long.



Meet Hermy the Hummingbird. It took a little while to get him to come over since we used clear nectar. Instead we tied two little red ribbons on the feeder and it worked like a charm. I used my new telefocus lens to capture this awesome picture and put the camera on the sport setting.


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