Orange County deserves more credit for their awesome Foodie Finds! Some of these new restaurants are favorites of mine that are coming to the area and my taste buds are already jumping for joy!


Habanas Paella

Habana: Irvine Spectrum
I am super excited about this since I frequent the Spectrum often for my Dave & Busters visits. Habana is a very popular Cuban influenced restaurant in Costa Mesa. There seafood paella is the bomb! You will find this place packed every night and it’s sure to be a hit when it comes to Irvine!


Urban Plates flank steak with mashed potatoes and brocollini

Urban Plates: The Market Place
You are going to love Urban Plates for a quick gourmet meal where you can order your choice of steak, salmon, meatloaf, stews and more. They have several gourmet side dishes that you can choose from and each meal comes with 2 sides. Choose from options like brussel sprouts, mac and cheese, and a unique cauliflower dish. My insider tip is to go with the meatloaf, trust me it is the best I’ve ever had.


wockano walnut shrimp

Wokcano: The Market Place
I’ve been watching this place for months now. Wokcano is a very popular sushi & Asian influenced restaurant in Los Angeles. I used to frequent this place several times a month and I am beyond ecstatic to be back. My favorite item was their happy hour chicken wings. I never order chicken wings but these are the most amazing, perfectly crisp, spicy Asian chicken wings you’ve ever had. They also use very good quality ingredients. PF Chang wishes they had anything on Wokcano.


Texas de Brazil Churrascaia

Texas de Brazil: The Market Place
Guess where I’m going to be a lot this summer. It looks like The Marketplace is the place to be. I am a huge fan of Brazilian food. I used to hit the take home buffet at the farmers market in L.A. pretty often and they had a line wrapped around the corner. Now I’ve never been to this restaurant but I will definitely be giving them a try. Can you say all you can eat steak, lamb, bacon wrapped chicken, and linguisa? I’m drooling as we speak!


adya indian restaurant

Adya: University Center
A little secret you may not know about me is that I love Indian cuisine. I actually crave it on a regular basis and even have a Tikka Masala recipe on my blog. I’ve notice that Orange County is seriously lacking so I was jumping for joy when I saw there was going to be a new Indian Restaurant so close to my neighborhood. I’m looking forward to trying this spot and hope it will be one of my regulars. Fingers crossed!


Spoleto build your own spaghetti

Spoleto: University Center
Here’s another restaurant catering to all the college kids and I am not complaining. Spoleto is basically the Italian versian of Chipotle and its about time someone gets this right. There were several places in L.A. who attempted this and failed, but this place has promise. Though I haven’t tried it yet, I love the idea of having tons of options to make my perfect pasta. Their website says you pick your pasta, choose 6 toppings and pick your sauce. With choices like artichoke hearts, truffle roasted mushrooms, and capers I might be a very happy camper.


Snooze an AM Eatery: The Market Place
If you’ve followed my blog or Instagram you will already know I live for a good brunch. So of course this new breakfast focused eatery is on my list of new places to check out and just had its opening last week! A restaurant that only serves amazing brunch options like Chilaquiles Benedict with barbacoa, Sticky Toffee Pudding French Toast, and 4 different types of bloody marys is my dream come true!

Here is a list of all the other new Restaurant Openings coming to Orange County this year!
– Meizhou Dongpo (Szechuan cuisine): Culver Plaza
– Luna Grill (Mediteranian): The Market Place
– California Fish Grill (Seafood): The Market Place
– The Habit (Burgers): The Campus Plaza
– Puesto (Mexican): Los Olivos Marketplace
– Burnt Crumbs (Sandwhiches): Los Olivos Marketplace
– Phans 55 (Vietnamese): Los Olivos Marketplace
– The Stand (Burgers/Hotdogs): Oak Creek
– Fresh Brothers (Pizza): Westcliff Plaza & The Market Place
– Pokeworks (Poke): Culver Plaza
– Sharky’s Mexican Grill: Quail Hill
– TLT Food (Mexican American Fusion): The Bluffs
– Shin Sen Gumi (Ramen): Woodbury Town Center
– F.I.N.S. (Poke Fusion): Campus Plaza
– Inchins Bamboo Garden (Thia): Crossroads
– Paris Baquette (French American): Crossroads
– Cava Mezze Grill (Mediteranian): Crossroads
– I Can BBQ: Oak Creek Village
– Nektar Juice Bar: Woodbury Town Center
– Coast Fish Company (Seafood): Los Olivos Market
– Sessions West Coast Deli: Woodbridge Village
– Snooze an AM Eatery: The Market Place
– Frozen Decadent Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream: The Market Place
– Hopdoddy Burger Bar: The Market Place
– Sawleaf Vietnamese Cafe: The Market Place
– Cha Cha’s Latin Kitchen: The Market Place

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