I am so excited to announce that as of last night…I’m engaged! I know inquiring minds will want to know all about the engagement so what better place to share all the details than on my blog. I am so excited to have finally found the right person who I can share my life with. I will admit that we both knew right away and have been talking about marriage since the first week we started dating. I remember having dinner with my girlfriend about 2 months into our relationship and I was already looking at engagement rings. I looked at so many engagement rings before finally deciding on what I really wanted and I must say my fiance did an amazing job! I also waited until the wonderful age of 35 to finally settle down and I am so happy I waited this long. I really have the total package and I’m mature enough to know who I am, what I want, and to really take this type of commitment seriously.


In the beginning of the week, I was told by my then boyfriend to be ready Sunday at 11AM with no other details. We both laughed because we know each other so well it was obvious that Sunday was the day. It was literally no secret that it was going to happen and he knew I would be waiting all day for that final moment. So, of course, being the jokester he is, he bought a bag of cheesy fake engagement rings from Target and kept me on my toes all day with fake proposals!!

Our day was dedicated to our firsts and favorites. We spent the morning enjoying my favorite brunch in Newport Beach at Cuccina Enoteca. You can actually read my blog post about their amazing brunch here. Then we went home and changed and headed to our next activity. We went back to the same place we had our first date, Dave & Busters. Yes, you heard me right. Look, I love video games. At the time I lived in L.A. and Dave & Busters was literally 2 minutes from my apartment. My poor fiance drove all the way to Hollywood in rush hour traffic and paid $35 for parking to meet me at Dave & Busters for our first date. Since then, we go to Dave & Busters all the time and it was only natural that we would go back to the place that started it all.


After being a couple of crazy kids at D & B, we headed to our next activity which was only a short walk away. We went to the place that my fiance so adorably asked me to be his girlfriend. When I was visiting Irvine I would only drive down on Sundays because there was no traffic! About one month into dating he took me on a ferris wheel at the Irvine Spectrum and when we reached the very top, he asked me if I would be his girlfriend. It was so official and planned out that I just started laughing. I felt like I was in high school. It was just so adorable. As we went back on the ferris wheel again I could have sworn this was the moment it was going to happen! Then when we reached the very top he grabbed one of his silly fake rings and asked me to be his girlfriend again. This time I definitely said yes!

Finally, after a fun and eventful day, we headed back to the house to change and get ready for dinner. We went back to the place where he first told me he loved me. My fiance used to do this thing when we were dating that was really cute. He used to gaze into my eyes and then say “I like you.” He used to just say it randomly throughout the day while staring at me with his pretty greenish brown eyes. One Sunday when I came down to visit we were having a late brunch at Fig & Olive (one of our favorites) and instead of saying “I like you” he said “I love you.” Of course being the little brat that I am, I did not say it back until about a week or two later.


When we got to Fig & Olive, he had already talked to their special events director and had them distract me at the table with this smoke of rosemary that they usually serve with the lamb. Then he walked over, got on one knee and nervously said, “It was here when I first said I love you and I promise to love you for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?” He was so nervous and sweet. I later found out that he forgot half of the little speech he wrote out, but it was perfect. The day was perfect! I’m such a lucky gal. Thank you so much to my future hubby for putting up with me when I’m a brat and when I get messy. Thank you for hiring movers, packing all my things, and moving me to your beautiful house after only 3 months of dating. Thank you for transforming me into an O.C. Housewife, taking care of my two little furry monsters, and making me a part of your wonderful family. Most of all thank you for asking me to be your fun loving partner in life, I am so excited for our future together!



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