What is Starbucks Pick of the Week and why should you be taking advantage of this awesome freebie?

Starbucks pick of the week is a great feature which lets users redeem codes for free apps from the iTunes store. I am an avid Starbucks junky and randomly discovered this awesome feature while placing a mobile order. Some of the apps I’ve downloaded have become some of my top used applications to assist with my social media and blogging.

Here is a list of the Starbucks free pick of the week apps including two of my personal favorites that I have found beyond useful!


vee video editing app

Vee for Video: I just downloaded this app this week and it’s awesome for video editing. You can do everything from taking video, trimming, speeding up, slowing down, adjusting filters, and add music. It is so much easier and quicker than trying to do all this with a computer program and the results look just as good.


created using the Letter Glow app

Letter Glow: This is my favorite app so thank you Starbucks! What makes this app so great is that you can add numerous layers like you would do in Photoshop. You can also add various shapes, graphics and add in text overlays. This app is my go-to for creating Pinterest-friendly pictures. You can first add your canvas size. For Pinterest, you”ll want to pick a canvas size that is longer . Then add your pictures, a background shape, and add your text. Above is an example which can be created in only a few minutes.


created using the This app

Other popular Apps that have been released: Afterlight (photo editing app), Proud (award-winning organizational app), Abzorb (super addictive and fun game), This (create images with custom pointers), Effects Studio, Mgifts, and much, much more. Starbucks releases everything from utility apps, to games, to editing. Even if you don’t drink Starbucks, I highly recommend downloading their application just so you can take advantage of all their great free pick of the week apps!





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