This Christmas is definitely the season of watches

If you’ve been on Instagram then I know you’ve seen the latest wood watches trend that has everyone snapping pictures. I’ve actually never been one to wear a watch but lately I’ve been having my eye out for one. I love how the wood watches are unique, have an organic feel, and easily go with every style.


Jord Cora Zebrawood & Rose Watch with Swarovski Crystals

I found a company called Jord while scrolling through #woodwatches on Instagram. After viewing their website I could really get a sense for the quality of their watches. The watches are constructed from various quality woods selected around the world and have the most beautiful detail. Believe it or not, all the details are completely authentic to the wood being used and none of them are dyed.


This watch has become my go-to accessory. Here you can see how beautiful it looks on.

I opted for the Cora Zebra Wood and Rose Women’s Watch accented with Swarovski crystals. The pattern of this wood is so pretty and I love the natural striping in the wood. I also really wanted a watch that could be worn casually or could be dressed up.


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To see more Jord Wood Watches you can check out their website at

Wooden Wristwatch


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