Who doesn’t want to enjoy a glass of champagne, sample wedding cake, and bring home fun goodies?

When you are attempting to plan a wedding you’re definitely going to want to attend a bridal show in your area. Not only will they help introduce you to vendors in your area, but they are also just a blast to attend. Planning a wedding is such a special time in your life and you should really enjoy the experience. 


I decided to rsvp myself and my future Maid of Honor and best friend Kelly. We enjoyed a tall glass of champagne  given to us upon arrival. I can’t think of a better way to get the event started. There were also some little snacks set out like hummus and bruschetta. We chatted for a bit, finished our champs and then headed into the event.

As we walked into the bridal show there were vendors set up all over. Everything from wedding gown designers, bakeries, and even boudoir photographers. Every vendor you can possibly think of was at the event. We made our way through the crowd and checked out each vendor, collecting brochures, samples, and even some tasty bites of cake. The cake, of course, was my favorite part. I’m a slave for desserts.

I even ended up bumping into an amazing photographer I knew from my modeling days in Los Angeles. His name is Mathew White and he is an amazing boudoir photographer. We’ve talked about shooting together for years and it was so nice to finally actually meet him in person. What a great idea to do private boudoir photo’s for your future hubby! Has anyone else had these done?

After looking at all the different vendors we headed downstairs to the fashion show. I wasn’t expecting much but this was highly entertaining. Their DJ did a great job. I was laughing and engaged throughout the entire show. They held a bunch of different contests and watching five moms get on stage and have to perform a dance off was one of the best things I’ve ever seen. It was straight out of a movie. Those moms were awesome! What great sports getting up there to win something for their daughters.

By the end of the bridal show, I did find an amazing photographer who I actually knew and plan to set up a photo shoot with him. In addition, there was also another wedding photographer I plan to meet with as well. Most of all I had a great time and got to enjoy the excitement of all the other brides to really get me into the wedding spirit. I am actually looking forward to the next event. They only have a few a year so if I can I’d like to go to as many as possible. I mean why not? They are so much fun I at least recommend going to a few before your wedding and really enjoy the experience of being engaged.


The next Bridal Show will be in January and below is more information:
There will be door prizes including honeymoon getaways, wedding services, gift cards, wedding cake, wedding gowns and more. They are also giving away a diamond ring keychain to the first 50 brides and every bride will get a complimentary tote bag!
January 7th & 8th
Anaheim Convention Center

January 29thth
The Hills Hotel, Laguna

You can get tickets half off for only $5 Here and for a limited time if you enter the Code: PrettyFitFoodie4 you can receive 4 tickets for FREE!!


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