Image-1-3-550x733 Once in a while, I come across awesome products that just make me want to go on a shopping spree. When life is getting you down sometimes all you need is your breakfast to look like a cat head. Here is my list of 10 products you may not need, but will want to get right now. Just click each picture and it will take you to where you can purchase them. And trust me they will sell out, they always do!


  1. Kitty Egg Mold

Because who wouldn’t want to be served adorable kitty eggs for breakfast. They also come in a Fox, Owl, and Puppy. I want all of them!

2. This Nifty Water Bottle that holds your phone!
Look the struggle is real! Sometimes it’s so much easier to just carry your water and nothing else. I need this for when I’m at the gym or going for a long walk. I’m sure there are other solutions but there is something so wrong about seeing a phone inside a water bottle that it just makes it right.

3. Freeze The Perfect Man Ice Mold
Girls Nights and Bachelorette parties just found a fun new addition. Who isn’t looking for the perfect man and this one is oh so cool, pun intended!

4. Pancake Printer

This is probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. That’s right this is a pancake printer. Simply upload your image into this machine and it will make a pancake in the shape of your design. I might have to put this one on the wedding registry. I imagine pancakes taste better when they’re shaped like the Eiffel Tower!


5. Smile Face Breakfast Cutout

Who wouldn’t want to start their day with a smile? Maybe the Eiffel Tower is too much and you enjoy the simple things in life. I think every child would eat their pancakes if they came with a cute smiley face.

6. Sloth Tea Infuser
There are a ton of tea infusers out there, but guys this one is a SLOTH! Nuff said…


7. This effing amazing Star Wars Toaster

The total nerd in me completely lost it over this amazing Star Wars branded toaster in the shape of Darth Vader!!! I cannot think of a better gift for your favorite nerd. If I had this I would be eating BLT’s every day just so I could have the coolest sandwich that is oh so Instagram worthy.


8. Electric S’more Maker
This is just dope. I love to entertain and I’m always looking for an excuse to have guests over. Let’s be honest, this S’more Maker is a party hit just asking to happen and I want to be the one to wow my guests with it.


9. Under the Sea Ice Pop Molds

I need to start making my own popsicles this summer. Oh to be a kid in today’s age. Just look how cute these are. Little finding Nemo’s. Each Mold comes with other shapes like a shark, pufferfish, whale, octopus, and a scuba diver! These are awesome.


10. Game of Thrones Clue Game

In other words the best version of Clue ever made. Is there anyone else who hopes and prays that this show never ends? Well now it doesn’t have to. Can you say Clue & Smores Party? Who’s In?


Which of these items are you ordering right now?

Don’t be surprised if these end up on my registry. I also accept gifts, you know just incase you’re dying to see a Star Wars BLT on my Instagram Feed!


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