Being a food blogger is such an amazing and rewarding experience that I would love to share with my Foodie Tribe. I always knew I was a die-hard foodie before I even knew what a foodie was. At any party, you could always find me standing next to all the food. In fact, if you threw a party and had no food, I would order a pizza and make you pay for it! Who throws a party without food? I pride myself on being an amazing host who makes more party appetizers than would be even possible to consume.




I was also constantly experimenting in the kitchen, and in high school, I took every cooking class available. The first dish I can remember making was breakfast potatoes with onions, peppers, Italian seasoning and a dash of paprika. They were delicious and my dad loved them. So for a little kid, I knew my skills in the kitchen weren’t too shabby.

Turning my love for food into a journal I can share with the world was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done.



I actually like to think of myself more as a reporter, writer, and photographer than a blogger. I like to tackle each foodie adventure as if I’m reporting behind the scenes and researching wonderful food and exciting excursions to experience. I’ve decided it would be awesome to start extending some of these experiences to my Foodie Tribe. I like to think of it as I’m a food cop reporting behind the scenes and you get to come on a ride along. I’m Ice Cube and you’re my Kevin Heart ( I think because I’ve never actually seen the movie!).




Throughout the year I will have several experiences where I can bring numerous guests to enjoy the fun with me. I will now be extending invitations through email to be my guest and experience A Day in the Life of a Food Blogger. These can include special events, restaurant features, excursions, and foodie adventures. I also have various giveaways and special offers which are only for my fellow foodies. If you would like to experience A Day In The Life of a Food Blogger just enter your email below.

Hint, hint, we have our next A Day in the Life of a Food Blogger adventure on April 9th!


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