Sondra Barker


Pretty Fit Foodie is where I get to share my favorite thing in life, food! I’m a recent Orange County transplant from L.A., discovering everything this area has to offer, especially new restaurants and events. I like to say I’m a self-proclaimed food critic and earned my five-year gold Yelp Elite badge to prove it!

Before creating my blog I worked in the entertainment industry for over 10yrs as a model and host. My dream job has always been to write about food, eat food, talk about food, and make food. You could say I was a foodie before anyone knew what a foodie was. I was always the kid in school taking every cooking class just so I could eat all day. At any party or gathering, you can still find me permanently fixated in the kitchen, carrying on conversations next to the appetizers. Some people eat to live and I live to eat. Here is where I share all my favorite restaurants, delicious events, foodie finds, and adventures.

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