Top 5 Orange County Restaurants Debut Their Delicious New Spring Menus

Spring menus are every foodies dream and these 10 Orange County restaurants are raising the bar. With the Spring season comes the best quality food – full of fresh and colorful ingredients. While it is tradition to add in greens of any kind, many Orange Country...
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How Would You Like to Enjoy Restaurant Week on a Hornblower Dinner Cruise?

  I have enjoyed Newport Beach Restaurant Week so much and what could be more fun than a Hornblower dinner cruise? With 360-degree ocean views of Newport Harbor and dancing all night, it's hard to pass up. Hornblower Cruises is offering their dinner cruise for...
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At Green 2 Go in Brea You”ll Be Eating Organic Gluten Free and Wont Even Know It!

It's often difficult to eat healthy when you're a die-hard foodie. That's why I was so excited to find Green 2 Go in Brea, CA. Everything they serve is Organic, Gluten Free, and so delicious you would never know unless they told you. Healthy food often has a stigma...
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Join the Foodie Tribe and Experience A Day In the Life of a Food Blogger!

Being a food blogger is such an amazing and rewarding experience that I would love to share with my Foodie Tribe. I always knew I was a die-hard foodie before I even knew what a foodie was. At any party, you could always find me standing next to all the food. In fact,...
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JFAT Opens in Brea and Dinner is Just as Good as Brunch!

One of my favorite restaurants, JFAT (Jimmy's Famous Tavern), just opened in Brea. While I normally visit JFAT for brunch, I was in the area during the evening and decided to check out their dinner. I am very happy to report that their dinner is just as awesome as...
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OC Night Market Serves Up Unique Foodie Creations

If you are looking for unique foodie creations, then look no further than the OC Night Market. One thing I've always known during my foodie adventures is that Asians know how to do food right. They always put a unique and interesting twist on everything they do and...
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Taste of Math Combines Great Food for an Important Cause

On Friday, November 4th I was able to join great Orange County restaurants at The Taste of Math. This special event was organized to help support the MIND Research Institutes 2016 Math Fair. Their MathMINDS movement is dedicated to removing the stigma that math is...
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Carrot Ginger Soup Recipe

Let me introduce you to my awesome Carrot Ginger Soup Recipe. It is simple, tasty, colorful and impressive. I first made this for my Orange is the New Black viewing party and its been a favorite of mine ever since. Ingredients: Organic Carrots 1-2 bags Brown Onion 1/2...
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