Anchor Hitch Brings Their A-Game to OC Restaurant Week




For my first OC Restaurant Week adventure, I decided to head back to Anchor Hitch and check out all their new menu selections. Since I last went, they introduced several new items and also kept some of my favorites like that Hamachi Chipotle Ceviche. The food here is seriously outstanding and you would not believe that their executive chef, Michael Pham, is only twenty-eight. His passion and creativity for food are evident in every bite you”ll take.






Anchor Hitch has a unique style all their own. I like to think of it as high-end urban street style. The decor is top notch from their huge graffiti art on the walls to the creative blue accents which make you feel like you are about to be immersed in an under the sea experience. Their culinary creations combine fresh seafood with an Asian-inspired twist which results in an extraordinarily unique dining experience.





Their Restaurant Week menu is actually a 4-course meal as opposed to the 3-course meals served at most restaurants. You can begin with your selection of either their clam chowder pot pie or raspberry prosciutto salad. While both sound delicious, how can I possibly say no to a dish that names themselves after a pot pie and a clam chowder? This soup was outstanding! You can expect a light and creamy homemade clam chowder with bacon, nestled with a beautiful puff pastry in the center. The pastry can then be taken out and dipped into the soup for the perfect accompaniment.





For appetizers, you can choose between Cajun Seared Albacore, Hamachi Chipotle Ceviche, or the Abalone Panna Cotta. This is practically an impossible decision so I highly suggest coming here with a group of friends so you can try all three. I honestly cannot give any advice on which to choose, they are all amazing. Take the Cajun seared albacore for example. Normally when you order seared albacore it is presented in a thinly sliced sashimi style. When Anchor Hitch serves albacore you receive thick delicious slices of fresh albacore served with a cajun seer, masago, and the perfect amount of spicy mayo.



The entree selections are a choice between the Pan Seared Branzino, Hanger Steak, or Tom Yum Agnoletti. I went with the awesome hanger steak and also decided to order the Linguini and Clams to highlight one of their new menu items. In addition to their 4-course meal, you also have the option of adding a wine, beer, or cocktail pairing. I love when restaurants add this option and for an extra $15 or $20, it is well worth it.





Finally, if you love girl scout cookies, you will go crazy for their Girl Scout Caramel deLites Chocolate Coconut Caramel Crumble. Say that 3 times in a row! This dessert is a creative take on the Samoa cookies that taste like taking a bite of the Hawaiian Islands. So clever, creative, and delicious.




You can view the entire Anchor Hitch OC Restaurant Week $40 Dinner MenuHere

Visit Anchor Hitch at
27741 Crown Valley Pkwy
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
(949) 226-8949

Here’s a behind the scenes video of our experience……..


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